Baratunde visits the Lab, eats special fish treat

By necsys, 6 years ago

Director’s Fellow Baratunde Thurston came by the Media Lab last month. He explored the Lab, did a Conversation Series talk with Joi… and ate Fish Assholes.
The Fish Assholes are actually a small souvenir that I got for Joi from a tiny washed out town in Southern California called Bombay Beach.
Baratunde says:

As we roamed around the lab we also got a chance to spend time with the Civic Media team which is doing things like analyzing the role of women in our media; visit with the folks helping young children learn to code; and getting a demo of a piano that lets you play piano with an older version of yourself playing piano. After this last demo I suffered a mild nose bleed due to the breaking of various laws of space-time.

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