The Atonement Project: a quick summary

By necsys, 6 years ago

We’re excited to announce The Atonement Project, a collaborative project launched by Director’s Fellow Shaka Senghor.
The objective is to create a platform, co-designed with prisoner and victim support organizations in Detroit, that allows perpetrators of crimes and bullies to apologize to their victims as well as the larger community, and to create a dialogue about personal and communal healing.
The perpetrator offers a public apology on the web site, and victims can openly accept the apology, or figure out next steps to atonement. The project will rely on local organizations to facilitate real world conversations among victim family members, etc.
We’re working with local Detroit area organizations and individuals including Mothers of Murdered ChildrenAshley Lucas, who works with the Prison Creative Arts Project at the University of Michigan; and Between the Bars.
Media Lab collaborators include: Becky Hurwitz, Birago Jones, Catherine D’Ignazio, Charlie DeTar, Chris Bevans, Davod Kong, David Sengeh, Erhardt Graeff, Ethan Zuckerman, Grace Woo, Jeff Howe, Jenny Broutin, Joi Ito, Katja Schechtner, Jessica Sousa, Lorrie LeJeune, Philipp Schmidt, Stacie Slotnick, Xiao Xiao.
Suggestions on how to move forward? Insights? Let us know!