Comedy Hack Day SF is now in session!

By necsys, 6 years ago

Greetings everyone! I’m here at the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, witnessing the birthing of the city’s very first Comedy Hack Day hosted by Cultivated Wit. As you may know, Cultivated Wit is the company co-founded by ML Director’s Fellow Baratunde Thurston of The Onion fame — and we’re having our very own Comedy Hack Day at the Media Lab this coming fall.
In this photo, you can see an eclectic mix of comedians, designers, and developers lining up to pitch their absurd and absolutely prototypable startup ideas at center stage. Companies like Twilio, Rdio, and Mashery offer their APIs for use as the foundation of the hack, and these funny people put their spin on a pre-existing or brand new business and crank out a working model in 24 hours. for religion, anyone? How about Kickstarter for when you die or an app that simulates a Comcast branch manager?
After the pitches, people form spontaneous teams around these round table and get to work. You can see some of the results in this video from Comedy Hack Day NYC.
We’ll report back tomorrow with results from the demo.