April 2015 Director’s Fellows updates

By erouse, 3 years ago

Baratunde Thurston says: My new podcast has launched! It’s called “Our National Conversation About Conversations About Race.” Subscribe at showaboutrace.com. And my company’s 8th Comedy Hack Day is May 15-17 in NYC. Apply to participate or just get tickets for the big public comedy show at comedyhackday.org

 Quentin Mitchell was just in a big rally in Kenya.

Last week, Joyce Kim’s team at Stellar introduced their first white paper and new open-source codebase for a decentralized worldwide payment protocol. Concurrently, they launched a graphic novel to make the concepts easier to understand.

Colleen Macklin: The Metagame has launched!

That’s right… It’s in the world!! And you can get it on Amazon!! More at http://metaga.me, and some great coverage/reviews on Wired and Boing Boing!

 Juliana Rotich and David Kobia:  Ushahidi has been working with the Stakeholder Democracy Network (SDN), and developers Dan Woods and Quinn Lee to create an early warning dashboard for violence in the run up, during and immediately after the elections. Stakeholder Democracy Network has been working in the Niger Delta for over 10 years. During the 2011 elections, they used the Ushahidi powered Niger Delta Watch website to monitor events and highlight human rights abuses and forced evictions. This year, they sought the help of the CrisisNET team, to test a huge idea: how close can we get to predicting violence? Continue reading -> http://www.ushahidi.com/2015/03/27/violence-early-warning-system-for-nigerian-elections-2015/

Gillian Caldwell is busy these days with a full roster of interesting consulting work: helping lead the Committee to Protect Journalists and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association through strategic planning processes, working with Arabella Advisors to guide foundations on advocacy strategy including a campaign for sentencing reform to dramatically reduce the growing US prison population, and supporting Global Witness in its campaigns, fundraising, communications, and online strategy.  She is excited to be in early conversations about a potential collaboration with the Media Lab’s Center for Civic Media and Global Witness on a rich, data-driven storytelling project about the global network of laws and anonymous companies that enables wealthy companies and individuals to plunder the earth’s natural resources in search of gold, timber, oil and gas while leaving local populations in Asia, Africa and Latin America broke in their wake.

Marko Ahtisaari is going to play in a band with Media Lab student Nadya Peek at the 99 Fridays event on May 15 in Cambridge. And Joi is going to DJ!