June 2016 Director’s Fellows Updates

By phewing, 2 years ago

Marko Ahtisaari and Neha Narula, Research Director of the Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative, discuss the Media Lab’s work with Berklee College of Music’s Open Music Initiative.

Charlotte Wilder, USA Today’s sports writer, writes about Maurice Ashley’s work with inner-city kids in St. Louis and other areas, on her For the Win article: How Maurice Ashley, the first black chess grandmaster, uses the game to change inner-city kids’ lives.

Baratunde has decided to leave The Daily Show, after a good and successful run. You can read more about it, in his own words, here.

A couple of months ago, Christine Sun Kim attended the World Art Forum at Art Dubai, during which she gave a wonderful talk on how we can make “futuring” physical and characteristic in american sign language. The video is now online with captions and voice interpretation. Take a look!

Juliana Rotich shares some exciting news about the new deployment of BRCK’s Kio Kit and installation of some solar panels in Gatundu, Kenya. There is nothing that stops Juliana. Rain or shine, she gets the job done! Look closely at the video and photos. Yes, that’s Juliana on the rooftop of the school!

Cynthia Aistars, from WMUK (Western Michigan University’s public radio station), talks to Shaka Senghor about the current state of the penitentiary system in the US: Between the Lines: Shaka Senghor

Philipp Schmidt and his team at the Media Lab have released their blockchain credentials software to the open source sphere. You can learn more about this project and some of the lessons learned while developing it, in this article on Medium.com. And just this week, Philipp was interviewed by the BBC on this same topic. The interview should be available online later this week.

Viktoria Modesta shares her experience at the Berlin Music Tech Fest, where she collaborated with Media Lab students Katia Vega and Xin Liu, in addition to various European artists.