March 2016 Director’s Fellows Updates

By phewing, 2 years ago

Gillian Caldwell: “I am working with my team here at Global Witness and the MIT Media Lab to conceive an online storytelling platform to give audiences a chance for deeper engagement in our work. We are hoping to launch the platform later this year and look forward to sharing it with you! In the meantime, we’ve had a busy and high impact few months including a recent double length undercover exposé that was featured on CBS 60 Minutes in the US on how suspect money can make its way out of national budgets around the world and into the US through corruption. I also recently attended TED to represent Global Witness, which won the TED prize in 2014.”

Simon Parkin, from, talks to Colleen Macklin about The risk of games that seek to create empathy.

Viktoria Modesta did an exclusive show for Abylimpics Opening Ceremony (an extension of Paralympics but with skills like singing, dancing etc), in France.  The event attracted over 7,000 people, which really excited Viktoria, as it offers a new opportunity for encouraging that community to adopt a more positive and integrative future vision.

Viktoria is now working with a student from the Civic Media group to create media maps focused on the topic of disability. They are hoping to publish their research on the language used to discuss disability topics in current media, and how that language and framing can be redesigned and driven by key media sources and brands.

Viktoria’s collaboration with Hugh Herr has reached a new benchmark. Viktoria and Hugh have taken the next step in their extreme bionics project with the Al Mann Foundation, who will supply them with the latest wireless implants to help guide and control motion commands within prosthetics. They expect the project to come to fruition in early 2017.

In late January of this year, Pashon Murray and Eman Jaradat joined the Emerging Worlds Special Interest Group from the Media Lab on a field trip to Nashik, India, to help Emerging Worlds  launch its Innovation for Billions Workshop. Pashon and Eman returned from their trips very inspired after having worked with local authorities and various students on providing solutions to various civic problems affecting the city. Read more about Pashon’s experience on on our DF website.

Shaka Senghor’s book ‘Writing my Wrongs” is now on the NY Times bestseller list.Congratulations, Shaka!

His recent book tour has been a great success. Here are some of the most relevant press clippings:

From NPR: Once ‘Seduced’ By Drug Trade, Former Inmate How ‘Honors My Second Chance.’

From The Guardian (UK): Shaka Senghor: the man with the American story no one wants to tell

From the Detroit Free Press: Detroiter rebuilds his life as a writer after 19 years in prison.

Nerdette Podcast’s latest post includes a conversation with Baratunde Thurston. Baratunde is also featured on The Verge in a recent article focused on the role of comedy in the age of Trump.