March 2017 Director’s Fellows Updates

By phewing, 11 months ago Blog features Alaa on this great post: Getting More Women at the Table: A Q&A with Dr. Alaa Murabit.

The New York Times Fashion section features Céline Semaan’s Slow Factory newet project The Dignity Key Necklace as part of their Facebook video series. You can watch it here.

As part of the Pratt Institute’s Conversations on Creativity series, Questlove and Baratunde Thurston Talk Future, Soul Train + The Responsibility of the Creative

As part of this year’s SxSW Social Good Hub events held in Austin, Colleen Macklin talked about Metagaming the Future. You can read more about it here.

Sultan Al Qassemi has been appointed as the Spring 2017 Practitioner-in-Residence at New York University’s Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies. He will be offering a special course on “The Politics of Modern Arab Art.” More information about the course can be found here.

Starting in April, Christine Sun Kim will be part of a collective show at the Kindl Center in Berlin. If you are in town, don’t miss it!

Paulette Beete, from the National Endowment for the Arts Blog Art Works, talks to Christine about her exploration of sound’s many personalities. Read more here.

Tsering Dolma from The Hindu talks to Viktoria Modesta about her career in light of her latest performance at the Tumblr celebration of the Ghost in the SHell movie upcoming release. You can read the article “Don’t Miss the Point” here.

Dan Schawbel, a contributor to Forbes Magazine, talks to Van Jones and How He Wants to Make an Impact on America.

Sheila Hayman has some exciting news to share: “I have finally persuaded BBC Radio 3 (the classical music station) to take an interest in the story of the Easter Sonata, a piano work by my 3 x great grandmother, Fanny Mendelssohn, that was forgotten about until a manuscript turned up in a Paris bookstore in 1970, signed ‘F Mendelssohn’. It was immediately assumed to be a major unknown masterpiece by Felix Mendelssohn, and recorded as such; but forty years later, it has now been proved to be by Fanny. And this reattribution, given that it’s a big, powerful, passionate piano sonata, written by a girl of 22 the year after Beethoven died, has totally changed the public perception of Fanny and her music. Anyhow that was the story and so they decided to give this work its UK premiere as the centrepiece of the BBC International Women’s Day concert this past March 8th, so to publicise that they wheeled me onto the main BBC radio morning show, and that was apparently so entertaining that I went onto the World Service and thence apparently the world. Scary how quickly the true story was garbled and exaggerated, and an interesting lesson in post-truth.”

It’s been a busy winter for Tenzin Priyadarshi. He was invited to speak at Davos 2017 on Responsive and Responsible Leadership in AI where he called for urgent ethical framework to guide and govern the design of AI systems. He is also involved in the leadership team of the new Ethics and Governance of AI fund that was launched earlier this year with MIT Media Lab and Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center as host institutions.

In February, Tenzin commenced plans for building the South Asia Hub of The Center for Ethics in Hyderabad, India. Groundbreaking ceremony was officiated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama  who also spoke on “Ethics, Values and Wellbeing”. The Center will serve as a regional hub for design and dissemination of programs in ethics and values-based leadership and empathy for educational, business and governmental institutions.

Believing that lack of empathy in society is a public health issue, Tenzin is working towards deploying mid to large scale ethics and empathy related programs both in the US and internationally. Most recently he was awarded a fellowship from the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University.

Chris Bevans had a phenomenal time showing his newest DYNE Life collection at the New York Menswear Fashion Week in January, where he invited Media Lab student Cindy Kao to showcase her project DuoSkin, a fabrication technique that can make any small device a wearable. He shared a few press links: