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Introducing the 2018 MIT Media Lab Director's Fellows

By mtreece, 12 months ago

New cohort brings social, scientific, and creative experience to extend the Lab’s reach beyond academia Entering its sixth year, the Media Lab Director’s Fellows program continues to invite a … Read more

2016 MIT Media Lab Director's Fellows announced

By phewing, 3 years ago

Since the MIT Media Lab launched its Director’s Fellows initiative in 2013, the program has lived up to its mission to attract people with “less-than-traditional backgrounds” outside … Read more

Conversation Series: The Director's Fellows with Joi Ito

By necsys, 4 years ago

In case you missed it, here’s a video of the Director’s Fellows in conversation with our Director Joi Ito in January. Each attending Fellow gave a short presentation, riffed on some … Read more

Magic and Illusions: A Sandbox for Creativity

By phewing, 4 years ago

Can successfully performing a magic trick earn a student academic credit at the graduate level? Can this be done at MIT? At the Media Lab, where seeing potential in unlikely combinations is the … Read more

DF Gillian Caldwell Advises Women Students at the ML on Leadership, Pursuing Passions

By necsys, 5 years ago

Director’s Fellow Gillian Caldwell hosted a coaching session for a group of women students at the Lab on Monday, November 4. Drawing on her 20 years of experience creating and running nonprofits, … Read more

Comedy Hack Day at the MIT Media Lab is happening now!

By necsys, 5 years ago

If you’re at the Lab this weekend, you probably noticed the huddles of Media Lab students, comedians, and other smart people playing with confetti and toilets and Arduinos. This weekend is … Read more

Robots = not smart as people? Marco Tempest's collaboration with Baxter the Robot

By necsys, 6 years ago

In this video, found on, Director’s Fellow Marco Tempest and David Nunes from the Personal Robotics group talk about the challenges of a human-robot collaboration, with magic to boot.

iHub: A lab away from the lab

By necsys, 6 years ago

Habari! After two weeks of drinking Stoney Tangawizi (plain African ginger soda, no stoney stuff!), I’m back at the lab and I’ve been told I’m a shade browner now (which, by the … Read more

Comedy Hack Day SF is now in session!

By necsys, 6 years ago

Greetings everyone! I’m here at the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, witnessing the birthing of the city’s very first Comedy Hack Day hosted by Cultivated Wit. As you may know, … Read more

Maurice Ashley talks about chunking, retrograde analysis, and other chess tricks

By necsys, 6 years ago

Check out this great recent TedEd talk by Director’s Fellow Maurice Ashley, who gives us examples of how the kind of thinking used by grandmasters in chess are useful in various different … Read more

Atonement Project By Shaka Senghor

By necsys, 6 years ago

Lately I have been asked how atoning for one’s past can help with communal healing. While I wish there was one simple answer for this oft-asked question, I have come to realize that … Read more

Innovating Learning – The Freedom To Break Things

By necsys, 6 years ago

This week we launched the Learning Creative Learning course with 24,000 participants. One one hand, I am thrilled that we have such a large audience, and especially that they come from all over … Read more

The Fellows Are Getting "Carded"

By necsys, 6 years ago

Our Director’s Fellows are about to get a little bit of Media Lab swag in the mail. Hey all, your business cards are on the way!

How do you speak to your murder victim's families?

By necsys, 6 years ago

In Detroit today, we had the first brainstorm session for The Atonement Project with an amazing team of advocates and academics who are all committed to facilitating the process of healing … Read more

Shaka speaks to Detroit youth about his life, his motivation

By necsys, 6 years ago

Director’s Fellow Shaka Senghor at his memoir launch party at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History last night. It was amazing to see him interact directly with young … Read more

The Atonement Project: a quick summary

By necsys, 6 years ago

We’re excited to announce The Atonement Project, a collaborative project launched by Director’s Fellow Shaka Senghor. The objective is to create a platform, co-designed with prisoner … Read more

Shaka Senghor's memoir launch party in Detroit

By necsys, 6 years ago

If you happen to be in Detroit next Tuesday, February 5th, some of us will be in Detroit for the launch of Director’s Fellow Shaka Senghor’s memoir, Writing My Wrongs. Here’s … Read more

Learning Creative Learning is now online!

By necsys, 6 years ago

Mitch Resnick’s Learning Creative Learning class starts on February 11th and this year, for the first time ever, the course is being offered for free online. This is thanks to a … Read more

Media Lab on Pinterest!

By necsys, 6 years ago

Join us at: for beautiful photos, updates, and more!

Baratunde visits the Lab, eats special fish treat

By necsys, 6 years ago

Director’s Fellow Baratunde Thurston came by the Media Lab last month. He explored the Lab, did a Conversation Series talk with Joi… and ate Fish Assholes. The Fish Assholes are … Read more

Joi and JJ Abrams talk about magic, technology, and movies

By necsys, 6 years ago

In case you missed it or want a refresher of LOST creator and Director’s Fellow JJ Abrams’ inspiring talk with Joi…