October 2015 Director’s Fellows Updates

By phewing, 3 years ago

Stephen Moss, from the The Guardian (UK), writes about Maurice Ashley as he prepares to launch his second Millionaire Chess Tournament in Las Vegas, October 8-12.

During the first week of September, a group of Media Lab students and staff traveled to Mexico City to collaborate with Gabriella Gómez-Mont’s team at El Laboratorio para la Ciudad. The two teams along with a group of Mexican students participated in a workshop focused on re-thinking the purpose of cities; how we can improve them and exploring new ways of designing innovations for large cities such as Mexico City. It was a week of brainstorming and prototyping of ideas and possible solutions. It was also an opportunity to prototype a mobile workshop model designed by the Media Lab in collaboration with IDEO.

Van Jones continues to make strong contributions to the dialogue around the current situation of the juvenile justice system in America and the need for improvements. His most recent work, featured on Fusion.net, includes a collaboration with Christine Leonard, Executive Director of the Coalition for Public Safety.

Sam Kass is being honored by the James Beard Foundation for his work toward nationwide food-policy initiatives that focus on sustainable and nutritious ingredients, and efforts to raise awareness of childhood obesity, hunger, and nutrition issues.

Pashon Murray’s most recent project includes being the spokeswoman for The Soil Story, a short animated film that takes the viewer on a journey to discover how dirt can stop and even reverse global warming. By choosing smarter farming practices, we can grow food, fuel and even our clothes while sequestering and storing atmospheric carbon dioxide in the ground. Kiss The Ground produced the film with support from The Jena and Michael King Foundation and The Rathmann Family Foundation. Pashon is also working on an eco-friendly clothing line project. More updates on that project will be available soon.

The Global Witness Interactive Multimedia Storytelling Project, a collaboration between the Media Lab Director’s Fellows Program, the MIT Center for Civic Media, and Global Witness, is under way. MIT Comparative Media Studies and Civic Media alumna Heather Craig will be working closely with Gillian Caldwell to research, analyze, ideate, and eventually deploy this extensive project, which will help shape audience understanding of the interconnections between conflict, corruption, and environmental and human rights issues.

Earlier this month, Viktoria Modesta was invited to visit Paris by a legendary parachutist and philanthropist Mario Gervasi who works with the French Army and the Wounded Soldier charity “Les Pôles de l’Espoir”. Viktoria did a tandem jump alongside war veteran Raphael Ferkatadji and set the amputee woman record jump of 6000 meters. More

This month, the Wall Street Journal profiles Joyce Kim‘s work at Stellar.org on their piece titled Tech Startups Chase Something Other Than Profits .