Fabrication from Fabric IAP Class, January 2014

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Fabrication from Fabric IAP Class, January 2014

Director’s Fellow Chris Bevans, together with a small team of CBAtelier designers and MIT Media Lab researchers Laura Perovich &  Philippa Mothersill, offered a hands-on IAP class that explored the design and fabrication of textile based objects.  We stepped through the entire creative process for making items like t-shirts and tablet cases.
Day One: Pattern Design
To start the whole Fabrication from Fabric process off, Pip and Chris helped the class selected projects that they wanted to make and familiarized us with the flow of the fabrication process. We also learned how to modify patterns for fit and alter worn clothing for new uses (including the amazing tutorial for swants!)
Day Two: Materials & Pattern Cutting
Starting with a trip to the local fabric store, Laura and Priscella helped us to learn about selecting the right materials for a project. We touched fabrics from flannel to felt, learned how to best use prints in our designs, and heard about the newest performance materials coming to market. Back at the lab, we used our patterns from Day One to cut out our fabric. We also tested out computational design methods to cut and raster intricate designs using the laser cutter
Day Three: Sewing
Everything came together on day three! We pinned our project and sewed them on the machines–sometimes re-sewing when the order of operations went awry. We made final tweaks for fit throughout the process and iterated on our original patterns to improve the next version.
Thanks everyone for the great class!