Summer 2017 Director’s Fellows Updates

By mtreece, 6 months ago

In case you missed it, Julia Angwin’s latest ProPublica article caused quite a stir. Here it is: What We Do and Don’t Know About Facebook’s New Political Ad Transparency Initiative

Karole Armitage shares a brief essay on The Brooklyn Rail in which she wonders why dance as an art form is losing popularity in the U.S. Read more here.

Marko Ahtisaari talks to about new research projects at his venture The Sync Project that could help you stop snoring. Read more here.

Earlier this month, Maurice Ashley launched the first Jamaica International Chess Festival, which was received with great enthusiasm from local kids and communities. Learn more about it here.

Chris Bevans talks to Elizabeth Segran from Fast Company about the future of fashion may rely on glue. Yes, you read it right! Read more here.

Farai Chideya has great news to share: In September she started as the journalism program officer (grant maker) at the Ford Foundation, which means all of a sudden she’s gone from being part of what our President calls #FakeNews to having real money to fund news. It’s a big paradigm shift but her first work was to grant over $100,000 in rapid response funds for journalism in Puerto Rico. According to Farai, the job is extremely rewarding… and time consuming. She is also moving ahead with science fiction projects and other delightful things!

If you have not had a chance to see “Bending the Arc,” a cinematic journey of the work Ophelia Dahl, Paul Farmer, and Jim Yong Kim have done since creating Partners in Health, find an opportunity to see it. It is a must! This Washington Post article tells you more about how this group of friends changed global health.

Sheila Hayman shares the delightful news that her  91 year old Dad,  two sisters and all six of their children are now officially German as well as English. Quite emotional given both the reason her father left and the reason they are now returning – but they were made to feel very welcome at the embassy.

The Telegraph (UK) talks about one of Arielle Johnson’s collaboration on the restaurant scene: the Cub. Together with Ryan Chetiyawardana and Doug McMaster, Cub was envisioned as a luxury sustainable drinks-led dining experience. Read more here. Better yet, if you are in London, don’t miss it!

The Dartmouth University newspaper talks about Christine Sun Kim’s most recent contribution to the collective exhibit “Resonant Spaces: Sound Art at Dartmouth.

Viktoria Modesta launched a new collaboration with artist Anouk Wipprecht, focused on the creation of 3D printed interactive sonic wearables. Read more here.

Alaa Murabit talks to Wired Magazine about the current health security crisis experienced worldwide. Read more here.

Stephanie Schomer, from Entrepreneur Magazine (online) talks to Pashon Murray and her company Detroit Dirt, on This Startup Turns Table Scraps into Profit. You can hear more about Pashon’s most recent projects on this great BBC World Service interview with, which aired earlier this month. Listen to Pashon in conversation with Achenyo Idachaba here.

Sultan al Qassemi shares on Gulf News what his life has been like after taking a break from social media. Read more here.

Forbes talks about Juliana Rotich’s efforts in bringing internet access to rural Africa. Read more here.

Taryn Finley from HuffPost talks to Shaka Senghor about the challenges of parenthood in the present day. You can read the article here.  Also, inspired by Shaka’s story and experiences, Oprah WInfrey produces a new TV series titled “Released.” Read more about this collaboration here.