August 2014 Director’s Fellows updates

By erouse, 4 years ago

Each month, we’ll post updates about Director’s Fellows who are, per usual, out in the world doing extraordinary things in their respective fields. Here’s our digest for August 2014:

  • Last week, Joyce Kim and her team launched Stellar – a tech nonprofit aimed at providing open source financial access and education for the world. In the first two weeks, we funded over half a million people with over one billion stellars (a digital currency). Joyce says: “We are continuously funding new people but in staggered amounts tied to educational programs – if you would to explore, send me your email and I will send an invite that will fund you immediately.”
  • Phillip Schmitt joined The Badge Alliance to build an achievement badge ecosystem that motivates digital learners. Read his take on this here.
  • In a recent op-ed, Van Jones questioned the United Negro College Fund’s decision to accept donation money from the Koch brothers, and whether their money is earmarked for young people who share their political views.
  • Ushahidi’s is tracking the Ebola outbreak In West Africa.
  • Sultan Al Qassemi’s insightful and provocative commentary on the conflict in Gaza can be found on his Twitter feed.
  • Christopher Bevans’ mentees recently launched a beautiful project called Shoe Story NY, a fashion blog that tells the stories of shoes in NYC.
  • An article on the Detroit Free Press today spotlights Pashon Murray and GM’s efforts to turn kitchen waste into compost.

Bonus: Don’t miss these TEDTalks by Director’s Fellows: