The Director’s Fellows program is creating a diverse global network empowered by technology from the MIT Media Lab.


The MIT Director’s Fellows are a cohort of extraordinary individuals from different industries and geographies who already have extensive networks of influence, whether that’s in human and environmental rights, entertainment, or design. We are building a unique ‘network+’ model that enables Fellows and the Media Lab’s students and resources to work together to interact with the world even more expansively.

Our Theory of Change

We believe that the Media Lab has tools that can change the world, and that deploying these tools through collaborations with the Director’s Fellows is one of the most effective ways to catalyze these transformations. We know that every region and industry has a different theory of impact; the Fellows help us identify ways to make impact in culturally relevant ways, and we in turn provide access to human networks and technological tools that could help them. And then we build together. This exchange helps the Lab too; it expands our peripheral vision beyond the ivory tower so that we can design tools better suited to yielding global social impact.