March 2015 Director’s Fellows Update

By phewing, 3 years ago


It’s mid-March during the official snowiest winter on record, and here at the MIT Media Lab we are finally shoveling our cars out from beneath the snow banks and eagerly anticipating the first signs of spring. We’re excited about that; we’re also excited about having Director’s Fellow Joyce Kim at the Media Lab this Friday, March 20th, to host a workshop titled Re-designing the World’s Financial Infrastructure for Inclusion – A Look at Joyce is a co-founder of Stellar and has been immensely successful in pushing forward the movement to make currency universally accessible. Please join us if you’re in town!

Here are a few more updates from our Director’s Fellows, who — per usual — are out there in the world doing great things in incredibly diverse ways.

The iHub Community in Nairobi just celebrated their 5 year anniversary on March 7th. iHub hosted the Director’s Fellows off-site last July, and Juliana Rotich and David Kobia are working on a collaboration between the Media Lab and iHub to create a wildlife poaching app.

If you were at SXSW and visited the MIT Media Lab’s lounge, you probably got to play Microculture, the interactive synthetic biology card game that Colleen Macklin and her students at Parsons designed in collaboration with Kevin Slavin and David Kong. The image above is of the beautiful laser-cut game chips that were distributed to players along with a card that assigned them to a specific bioculture team and provided instructions on who to recruit into their unique microculture. A video recap of the project will be coming soon!

Baratunde Thurston is doing the closing comedic talk at TED in Vancouver on March 20th. He is also gearing up for his next Cultivated Wit Comedy Hack Day, May 15-17 in NYC. Finally, he is co-hosting a new podcast called “Our National Conversation About Conversations About Race” launching in April. Stay tuned at or on Facebook and Twitter @showaboutrace.

Marko Ahtisaari recently became an advisor to The Sync Project, a global collaboration harnessing the power of music for health. Learn more from their recent article in Fast Company.

Sultan Al Qassemi just published a new article,  Social Media in the Era of ISIS.

Marco Tempest gave the opening lecture in Dan Novy (Object-Based Media) and Greg Borenstein’s (Playful Systems) class, “Indistinguishable From…Magic as Interface, Technology, and Tradition.” Read the DF blog post about it here.