Body Hack: Viktoria Modesta at MusicTechFest

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Body Hack: Viktoria Modesta at MusicTechFest

Body Hack is a 20-min documentary about #MTFLabs: Body+Performance, directed by Sheila Hayman.
Sheila created the film to showcase the cutting-edge innovation that explores the imaginary boundaries between humans and technology during our 5-day laboratory at #MTFBerlin earlier this year.
The film centres on bionic artist Viktoria Modesta whose ground-breaking work bridging the worlds of fashion, technology, musical performance and prosthetics has led her to be named Director's Fellow at the MIT Media Lab (an honour I share with her).
At the #MTFLabs, Viktoria was the focus of experiments and collaborations between a range of artists and technologists working with body modifications, lighting, generative projection mapping, neurofeedback and other technologies that she could use to control and enhance her musical performance.
The film highlights Music Tech Fest's focus on celebrating powerful women in creative technologies and challenging notions of disability in the performing arts.