New – MIT Media Lab Coat

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New – MIT Media Lab Coat

2014: MIT Media Lab Coat

The classic lab coat has been a reliable fashion staple for scientists around the world. But Media Lab researchers are not only scientists—we are also designers, tinkerers, philosophers, and artists. We need a different coat!

Enter the Media Lab coat: our lab coat is uniquely designed for, and with, the Media Lab community. It features reflective materials, new bonding techniques, and integrated electronics.

One size fits one—each Labber has different needs. Some require access to Arduinos, others need molding materials, yet others carry around motors or smart tablets. The lab coat is a framework for customization.

Ultra high-performance lab apparel: the coat was just the start. Together with some of the innovative member companies of the MIT Media Lab, we explored protective eyewear, shoe-wear, and everything in between.